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Harmony of Hearts: Embracing Abilities, Inspiring Dreams


Raised: $10

Goal: $35000

Target Date: 2024 May 13

"Harmony of Hearts" is a transformative project initiated by Sawana Foundation, a dedicated organization in Sri Lanka, with the aim of creating an inclusive and empowering educational environment for students with diverse abilities at Sri Sudharshi School in Dowa, Sri Lanka. The project seeks to foster a sense of harmony and unity, celebrating the unique abilities of each student and inspiring them to dream beyond limitations.

Sri Sudharshi School in Dowa caters to students with diverse abilities, providing a nurturing environment for their academic and personal growth. The "Harmony of Hearts" project aims to enhance the overall learning experience by introducing tailored programs, adaptive technologies, and support systems that celebrate the unique abilities of each student. This includes 60 students with different hearing abilities and 25 students with varying visual capabilities.

Additionally, the project will donate:

  • Hearing aids to enhance auditory experiences.
  • Vision aids to support students with varying visual capabilities.
  • Digital devices essential for their studies.
  • Wheelchairs to facilitate mobility and access.
  • Nutritional aids to ensure the overall well-being of the students.


  • Provide adaptive technologies to facilitate learning for students with diverse abilities.
  • Develop and implement specialized educational programs tailored to individual needs.
  • Foster a supportive and inclusive school culture that celebrates the unique abilities of each student.
  • Provide training for teachers and staff to enhance their capacity in working with students with diverse abilities.
  • Donate hearing aids, vision aids, digital devices, wheelchairs, and nutritional aids to support the students.

Join Us in Making a Difference:

Sawana Foundation recognizes that while students at Sri Sudharshi School may have disabilities, they also possess a wealth of abilities that often surpass those of individuals without such challenges. The foundation understands that, due to the current economic situation, it cannot achieve this mission alone. The project appeals to donors worldwide to join hands and contribute to making the hearts of these students warm again. The foundation believes that with global support, these students won't feel alone, and the warmth of generosity will resonate with them forever.