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Welcome to Sawana Foundation, a registered NGO (L-185804) under the National Secretariat for Non-Governmental Organizations, Ministry of Public Security, Sri Lanka, and a beacon of hope in the Uva Province. Founded by passionate graduate teachers, we dedicate ourselves to uplifting lives, especially those of children facing difficulties. With a mission rooted in compassion, Sawana began with impactful initiatives initiated by our founders using their own resources. Now, we seek your support to amplify positive change and provide equal education, nutritional support, and empowerment. Your contribution is an investment in brighter tomorrows for those in need, helping us build a future where compassion knows no bounds.
Sawana Foundation listens to the silent needs of the community, striving to be a harmonious force for positive change. Our mission is to provide essential support, resources, and opportunities, amplifying the voices of those facing challenges. With transparency, accountability, and a heartfelt dedication, we aim to make a lasting impact, creating a symphony of equal opportunities and brighter tomorrows for all.
A future resonating with empowerment, where every individual in the Uva Province can flourish, guided by Sawana Foundation's commitment to listening, learning, and lifting hearts.
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Nourishing Today, Empowering Tomorrow

In a heartening gesture of solidarity, Sawana Foundation recently orchestrated a delightful luncheon for the spirited students of B/Eththalapitiya Primary School on December 8, 2022. This meaningful event, fueled by the selfless contributions of our dedicated members, aimed to bring not just nourishment but also smiles to the faces of these young learners.

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Colors of Creativity: Sawana Foundation Sparks Joy at Damananda College with Art Camp Extravaganza

Sawana Foundation, driven by a passionate commitment to cultivating the creative spirit within young minds, recently orchestrated a vibrant Art Camp at Damananda College. This enchanting event, marked by laughter and artistic exploration, was made possible through the generous dedication of our members, who utilized our funds to provide essential art supplies and curate an unforgettable experience for the students.

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