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Digital Dreams: Empowering Minds at Rathanajothi M.V, Galedanda.


Raised: $0

Goal: $45000

Target Date: 2024 March 25

Digital Dreams is a transformative project aimed at upgrading and modernizing the ICT lab at Rathanajothi M.V. Our goal is to provide an enhanced learning environment for students through the acquisition of 10 new computers, a multifunctional printer, and the necessary infrastructure improvements. In conjunction with the lab upgrade, we propose organizing a one-day ICT camp to engage the community and create awareness about the benefits of technology in education.


  • Upgrade and renovate the existing ICT lab space.
  • Provide 10 new computers and one printer for student use.
  • Enhance the overall ICT learning experience at Rathanajothi M.V.
  • Organize a one-day ICT camp to foster digital literacy skills and community engagement.


  • Renovation of the ICT lab space.
  • Installation of electrical and networking infrastructure.
  • Procurement and installation of 10 computers and one printer.
  • Teacher training on effective ICT integration.
  • Development of guidelines for incorporating technology into the curriculum.
  • One-day ICT camp with interactive workshops, software demonstrations, and community engagement activities.

Budget Transparency:

Attached is a detailed budget covering infrastructure, equipment, training, curriculum development, and the one-day ICT camp. The estimated budget for the Digital Dreams project, including the ICT camp, is 45000$. We prioritize transparency to ensure every donation is utilized effectively.

Join Us in Making a Difference:

Given the economic challenges in Sri Lanka, Digital Dreams responds to the pressing need for community initiatives. The project aims to enhance the learning environment at Rathanajothi M.V. by upgrading the ICT lab and fostering digital literacy among students.

In response to the current economic challenges in Sri Lanka, our Digital Dreams project aims to upgrade the ICT lab at Rathanajothi M.V. and promote digital literacy among students. To make this initiative a reality, we seek your support through donations. Your financial contribution, regardless of the amount, brings us closer to achieving our goals before the target date. Please consider supporting us by donating Together, let's empower minds and create a positive impact on education.